Found Measures of Absurdity

Joelle Dietrick, Found Measures of Absurdity
Found Measures of Absurdity, PowerPoint video, 2006

Created by Owen Mundy and Joelle Dietrick for the exhibition Sisyphean Desires, Systems and Devices, at Saltworks Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia; Forum Gallery, Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, MI; and the Sarai Media Lab in New Delhi, India.

Found Measurements of Absurdity echoes the Sisyphean myths through use of contemporary Sisyphean Devices (i.e. PowerPoint and contemporary design) with a nod to the eventual contemporary art context for the work that recognizes the poetic as more powerful than the didactic. The project documents objects, arranged in way reminiscent of graphs, in the retail stores of Tallahassee, FL. Located in Florida's capital, six years ago after the state's much contested presidential election, documentation of these graph-like objects brings to mind the absurdity of statistics and how easily they can be manipulated to argue specific agendas. In a time when voters seem to align the state of the economy with fluctuations in the price of gas, highlighting the ease of manipulation seems especially poignant.

digital, data, video, Florida, PowerPoint, software
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