Anemophilous Formula for Computer Art

Joelle Dietrick, Anemophilous Formula for Computer Art
Anemophilous Formula for Computer Art, single channel video and custom software (3:00), 2007

Launch this projectInspired by Jim Campbell's Formula for Computer Art and Tallahassee's annual sea of tree pollen, Owen Mundy and Joelle Dietrick created a generative animation referencing new forms of cross-pollination and re-use. Intentionally meditative and aesthetically pleasing, the format parodies computer art that simply crunches numbers to create useless forms. The diligently recorded data of the National Allergy Board guides the animation down a predictable path and stands in stark contrast to the chaos of everyday life. The project calls into question our obsession with mapping nature, as if grasping its sublimity would be essential to finding lifelong satisfaction.

Tallahassee, Florida, Flash, generative animation, pollen