Cargomobilities (Los Angeles)

Joelle Dietrick, Cargomobilities (Los Angeles)
Cargomobilities (Los Angeles), 2015. Paint and terylene fabric, 25 x 40 ft. Photo by Chuck Spangler.

Cargomobilities at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California

Excerpt from gallery guide about the Cargomobilities Series,
written by curator Jaime DeSimone:

An underlying narrative in Cargomobilities heightens our understanding of the glitch within other artistic disciplines. In his book Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life, Steve Martin exposes the breakdown of his performance: “My routines wove the verbal with the physical and I found pleasure in trying to bring them in line. Each spoken idea had to be physically expressed as well. My teenage attempt at a magician’s grace was being transformed into an awkward comic grace.” iii This quote resonated with Dietrick, who like Martin identified the error, embraced the breakdown, and then through the act of precision reassembled it. Teetering between roles of researcher and artist, Dietrick manipulates Martin’s anecdote and uses the resulting image as the foundation of Cargomobilities upon which she paints more recognizable abstract images.

Link to the full essay in the MOCA Jax gallery guide:
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