Female Expat Event

Joelle Dietrick, Female Expat Event
Female Expat Event, 2004

Female Expat Project, Beijing
Long March Space
Dashanzi Art District, Beijing, PR China
December 2004, Images printed 2006

By Joelle Dietrick, joelledietrick.com
Photographs by Karen Patterson, outsiderinside.com

On Saturday, December 11, 2004 in the spirit of quilting bees but with a focus on papercuts, sixty female expatriates gathered in Beijing’s Dashanzi Art District. Inspired by the papercuts of the Long March Project (images) and Joelle Dietrick (images), the women came equipped with stories and images related to lives overseas. Collectively they created four papercuts, each nine by three feet, that from afar looked abject—like the torn wallpaper—but upon closer inspection, appeared planned and controlled. While working on the papercuts, they told stories into a microphone that projected the sound through the space and documented these women's unusual ideas about place.

dialogue, community, expat
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