Packet Switching (Kassel)

Joelle Dietrick, Packet Switching (Kassel)
Packet Switching (Kassel), 2012, Keimfarben on wall, 40 x 9 ft

Packet Switching

While artists-in-residence at Temporary Home coinciding with Documenta 13 in Kassel, Germany, Joelle Dietrick and Owen Mundy completed a wall-sized temporary painting based on a 3D digital model of the Bauhaus School at Dessau and 2012 American color forecasts.

Writing custom software to deconstruct the source code and related fragments of this famous modernist building, they further remixed these fragments in an original application created in Processing. Having housed the Bauhaus' first department of architecture, this early modernist building connected to exhibition's venue, a vacant office inspired by Bauhaus design ideals, many times removed, and at one point the location for Kassel's apartment registration (Anmeldebescheinigung).

Chaotically removed from their original references—the building components, the art historical connections, and the experience in an overseas residency—all echo the technologically-driven fragmentation that led to the global financial crisis, related housing collapse, and high vacancy rates that allowed the exhibition to exist.

color, foreclosure, home
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