Timely Preparation for Future Eventualities

Joelle Dietrick, Timely Preparation for Future Eventualities
Timely Preparation for Future Eventualities, wood, mirrored acrylic, and steel, installation view, Sculpture Key West 2009

For Sculpture Key West, Joelle Dietrick and Owen Mundy proposed a mirror that would use the rules of interior design to extend the beauty of the tourist beach into the government-owned property. This simple gesture, an extension of prime real estate during the current US housing crisis, is especially timely.

Often in site-specific art practice, artworks change as the location and materials evolve. Our materials began to mimic their surroundings—warping in the hot sun, reflecting sand and surf indescriminately. On the beach—a manufactured, manicured space, manipulated to achieve the idea of perfection—the warped mirrored surface reflects our distorted sense of self-perception.

Depending on the point of view, this could be the ugliest or most beautiful sculpture. From the distance, it's the strangest kind of looking glass—the colors are muted, the surface pocketed, and the overall effect industrial. Upon closer inspection, the mirror transforms the landscape into something seductive—the colors and shapes twist as they fragment and multiply on its polished facade. The viewers lose themselves in the meditative shifting shapes in the mirrored surface.

The cadence of this repulsion / attraction depends on the weather, the time of day, and the viewers' frame of mind.

Similar to our previous collaborations; creating images from multiple sources to disrupt the idea of image as representation in Anemophilous Formula for Computer Art, creating an image of a community through discarded building materials, 01-17: Suddenly You Acquire an Almost Human Face, and enacting sculptural representations of past social movements through community dialogue, The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn, in this proposal, we use current and past political orders to construct synonymous references to the image as a state of mind.

Call to hear Joelle talk about Timely Preparations for Future Eventualities: 305-434-8320 then enter number 12.

Florida, real-estate, military, navy base, tourism, sculpture
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