Grid, Sequence Me

Generated with custom software, these fragments echo financial systems and housing market fluctuations. They mirror mortgages repackaged and sold, titles lost in administrative tape, and dreams confused by legal jargon. Like the complex financial systems of the housing market heyday, the software generates an infinite number of arrangements. The complexity of unique and dynamically-created algorithmic outcomes contrasts with the comforting predictability referenced in the exhibition's title, "Grid, Sequence Me."

Grid, Sequence Me @ Flashpoint Gallery, Washington D.C.

The Sea is a Smooth Space @ Flashpoint Gallery, Washington D.C.

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This project was created with a variety of free and open source software. Notably, Processing with the OBJLoader library by SAITO and Matt Ditton, and the SimpleML library by Daniel Shiffman, and the ColladaFragmenter application I created with PHP. We also used Meshlab, Sketchup, FFmpeg.


installation, architecture