Lions Will Roar, Swans Will Fly, Angels Will Wrestle Heaven, Rains Will Break: Gukurahundi

Excerpt of the animation

An hour-long multi-disciplinary performance featuring contemporary / African solo dance artist Nora Chipaumire (a two-time Bessie Award winner), legendary Zimbabwean musicians Thomas Mapfumo & The Blacks Unlimited, and artist Joelle Dietrick. Gukurahundi explores the migrant experience within and outside of Africa and examines how Africa is portrayed, or packaged to a western, globalized world. Integrating movement, live music, and projected video imagery, Gukurahundi presents a new way to see, hear, and experience Africa, especially as evolves from the point of view of artists-in-exile and investigates our complicated contemporary ideas about home and place.


Performance by Nora Chipaumire and Thomas Mapfumo & the Blacks Unlimited.
Video Design by Romain Tardy; Early Design by Joelle Dietrick.



Nora Chipaumire, dance, expatriate, displacement