The Sherwin Series

Sherwin's Virtual Re-Mix

The Sherwin Series is a group of paintings, prints and animations that remix images of foreclosed homes with Sherwin-Williams 2007 Color Forecast paints. Sherwin-Williams optimistically chose the colors during the height of the housing bubble before the foreclosure epidemic began.

Color forecasts have always been inextricably linked to commerce and politics. As Greg Castillo explained in his recent talk at Columbia University's conference, Architecture and the State: 1940s-1970s, color choices of post-war domestic interior walls and appliances sold the American way of life that was not always well-received. For example, a sunshine yellow kitchen came to embody the clash of civilizations between Soviet consumer austerity and Western consumer excess.

The paintings' process, latex on canvas from computer-generated studies, mimics macro to microeconomic shifts. As global trends continue to affect local jobs, contemporary ideas about our relationship to place continue to shift. Reflecting our struggle to maintain identity in the face of tough economic times, the resulting artworks—full of domestic architecture stretching and morphing, adapting to a new era—revisits the American dream to obtain and maintain basic necessities.

Printed in two sizes with pigment inks, each in editions of 5, the smaller 9 x 12 inch set is on double matte film, and the larger 19.75 x 27.5 inch set is on Hahnemuhle PhotoRag 308g.



color, foreclosure, home