Sherwin's Wall

Their graphic flatness combined with the 'fits' of linear perspective make these work analytical and dynamic yet scale and space are disorientating and unyieldingly abstract...the strength of the wall work is located in the brutalism of the graphic qualities and the ironic color forecasts.
—Michelle Grabner, Professor, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Chosen at the height of the housing bubble, and immediately preceding the foreclosure epidemic, the piece represents the inextricable link between aesthetics, commerce and politics. The practice of forecasting and speculation based on a variety of data continues to permeate the housing market and the various ways in which this information is shared with the public through the media. By combining the data with the color forecast, Dietrick provides an alternate view of both the housing crisis and its visual representation.
—Leonie Bradbury, Gallery Director, Montserrat College of Art

(above) The Sherwin Series, South Gallery, Florida State College, Jacksonville, FL
(left) Remote Access: Data as Art. Montserrat College of Art Gallery, Beverly, MA
(below) SOHO20 Gallery, New York, NY


color, foreclosure, home